Why You Need a Condo, Townhouse or Co-Op Inspection by Peter Bennett New Jersey Licensed Home Inspector

Waving your inspection contingency can be a very expensive and unwise decision.  If the major mechanical systems are not checked, you could have defects and safety issues that will your health, and your wallet.  
For example, improper wiring in the electrical system can cause injury and damage.  The infrared thermal image below shows an overheated and dangerous 278 deg. F. circuit breaker. infrared, njhomeinspectorir

The insulation on the 240 volt wire
has melted inside this defective electrical panel.
A Very Serious Fire Hazard.

Mis-Matched Brands of
Incorrectly Sized Breakers


This practice can be a fire hazard and
Void the Manufacturer's Warranty


Insufficient combustion and dilution air for the gas water heater and FHA system can produce deadly carbon monoxide!  How about a dangerous cracked heat exchanger in the thermal image below?  Deadly carbon monoxide can enter the residence.

Furthermore, what about the windows?  Do they operate properly or have failed seals?  The examples below were just two of four windows at a recent condo inspection. Repair estimates were approximately $800.00


The thermal images above show significant heat entry (bright yellow areas in ceiling) due to missing insulation.
Left undetected, and not corrected, insulation defects will cause
your utility bills be higher than expected.

Infrared Thermal Inspection for Moisture

Still think You should
Waive Your inspection Contingency?

Invest in Your Family's safety.
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