Infrared Home Inspection Saves Real Estate Deal

 Local Home Inspector Helps Eliminate

Needless Destructive Evaluation and Saves the Deal

How Infrared Thermal Imaging Saved a Seller Thousands of Dollars, needless destructive man hours and frustration. With the summer weather in the northeastern United States which has been wetter than usual, and the recent hurricanes and tropical storms from the Gulf of Mexico, moisture has become a very hot topic.

I looked over last year’s schedule for the month of August, and recollect about an inspection I was commissioned for by a realtor and seller in Lavallette, N.J.

Peter W. Bennett, Owner of A Full House Inspection LLC, based out of Little Silver, NJ, received a call from the buyer’s real estate agent, who knew and trusted Mr. Bennett’s abilities with regards to infared thermal imaging.

The Scenario: The home, located in Lavallette, New Jersey, showed stains on the interior wall of the kitchen. The seller and agent thought it might be coming from a suspect leaking fiberglass deck and flashing.

Using infrared thermal imaging technology, certified thermographer Peter W. Bennett, conducted a survey of the interior and exterior of the home to pinpoint moisture entry points. The camera instantly detected cold patterns associated with moisture entry above the stains, indicating that the leak was coming in from above not at the deck area. With further evaluation, moisture was detected under the soffit area under the flat roof, and at the flat roof.

Without infrared thermal imaging technology, the traditional destructive method of removing the deck, flashing, interior walls and ceiling could have cost thousands of dollars and ultimately ending the real estate deal.

Here’s are infrared photos of leaks in a New Jersey home…




Infrared Leak Detection 

When buying a home in NJ, there are several options you can take to ensure the property is performing at its peak, and ultimately, to make sure you are getting what you pay for, such as:  Energy Loss – Roof and Plumbing Leaks – ‘Heating and Cooling Evaluations WDI’ – NPMA – Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspections – Infrared Thermal Imaging Short Sale and Foreclosure Inspections.

We can investigate any of the above potential issues before you pay for the house… and ideally, we would carry out all the above inspections types for you in the same visit at a discounted rate… giving you a peace of mind about the house. If we detect any leaks using our unique infrared home inspection camera, then you can use those defects as a negotiation tool to lower the purchase price.

Take care when buying… we’ve seen too many home buyers hire building inspection companies who don’t carry the latest inspection equipment, and without an infrared inspection, you can’t correct what you can’t detect…. at the expense of the buyer.

Article Author:

  • Peter W. Bennett, Owner
    Residential, Commercial Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging Services
    530 Prospect Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739
    Office 732-758-9887 Fax 732-758-8993 Cell 732-245-9817
    - NJ Home Inspector Lic#GI371 NJ DEP Radon MET11140
    - Certified Infrared Level One Thermographer No.7406
    - Certified ASHI Member #205748 (American Society of Home Inspectors)
    - Member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Peter W. Bennett,

Peter W. Bennett, Owner
Residential, Commercial Inspections
Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

Peter W. Bennett,

Peter W. Bennett, Owner
Residential, Commercial Inspections
Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

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