Infrared EnergyScanIR - Your Solution to Lower Your Utilty Bills

Lowering your energy bills can be simple, if you can see where you are loosing energy.  Per the U.S. Department of Energy, thermographic inspections have the following benefits: quality control installation of insulation as a retrofit or new construction, and to check effectiveness of the insulation. (Click here for the Dept. of Energy link)
A thermal imaging scan of your home, combined with a blower door fan test, seen below, will detect those areas.

The blower door fan test can quantify how much air your home leaks, illustrated by infrared images below.  Now you or your contractor can conduct repairs.  The US Dept. of Energy states that you can save up to 10% just by sealing air leaks.


Your Certified Thermographer and EnergyScan Inspector, Peter Bennett, does not conduct any repairs, so there's no hidden agenda, and therefore the report is completely unbiased.
So, leave it up to the pros to for the best value in an Energy Scan.

Below are sample images that show where you could be loosing energy which costs you a lot of money.

Missing Insulation shown
in Purple and Blue area

The image below shows
significant heat loss
between the first and second floor.

This home is hemmoraging energy
due to uninsulated HVAC ducts
at the master bedroom outer walls.

Anderson Window Warranty Inspection
for Failed Seals

The bright white circles in
five out of six windows have failed seals.
This condition was only visible with an infrared thermal imaging camera.

The orange/white areas are hot from missing insulation.  In the winter, the colors and temperatures would be reversed.

Commercial Buildings

You see the picture, so call now to schedule your EnergyScan.

Still not convinced?
Here's link to compare methods
of remediation in your quest
to save energy and money.

Click Here to Calculate Your Home Energy Savings
via The Deptmartment of Energy

You can also do your own energy audit by visiting Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick