New Jersey Infrared Home Inspection Short Sale and Foreclosure Inspections

Short Sales and Foreclosures..Do I Buy or Pass?
Infrared Thermal Imaging can Help You

Purchasing a short sale or foreclosure in today's market without getting in over your head can be very difficult, lengthy, tiresome and extremely expensive. From seaching for a "good deal" to the closing table, you are involved daily.  So how can you make an informed decision whether to buy or pass?  Read on...

Step 1: Key Information is Essential

Unlike most real estate transactions, a short sale or foreclosure does not typically have a disclosure which puts you in an extremely vulnerable position.  Key information about home's overall condition of the major components and system is not available.  Leaks from plumbing and N'orester storms and hurricane will probably be omitted which can cause you unexpected repairs.

You Want to Know...

Age of the roof, and related repairs/leaks
Infrared Thermal Imaging Detects Hidden Leaks

Ceiling and Wall Insulation quality, condition and performance

Infrared Thermal Imaging detects
missing insulation in blue

Wet basement and crawlspace

Infrared thermal imaging detects a wet area

Age of heating and cooling systems, efficiency
 Infrared thermal imaging detects a cracked heat exchanger
Overheated and hazardous electrical system

Infrared thermal imaging detects a dangerous condition

Step 2: Hire an Experienced and Certified Infrared Thermal Inspector
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