Blogs Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Forensic Leak Detection Surveys in New Jersey

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August 26,  2012                                                                                                       530 Prospect Avenue

Little Silver, NJ 07739                                                                                               732-984-7276 Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Forensic Leak Detection Surveys in New Jersey, a member of the United Infrared Network, is proud to announce its first successful year of providing Forensic Leak Detection Surveys services for homeowners and building owners in the State of New Jersey. is an infrared service company based in Little Silver, NJ, USA (  Peter W. Bennett, Owner and certified infrared Thermographer, has provided comprehensive, unbiased moisture investigations for residential and commercial clients. These surveys save the residential and commercial building owner time and money because they can pinpoint problem areas by mapping moisture to its source – clearly revealing those areas which need to be addressed before they become more severe.  “I have been blessed with providing results to thrilled customers from all areas of New Jersey.  The typically remarks from dozens of customers range from “now I can sleep at night”, “my contractor has been to my home many, many times, made repairs, and we still have leaks”, “we thought the leak was due to the window, not the roof”. is an infrared service company which has been in business in the area since 2011 and is owned by Peter Bennett, a 5 year certified thermographer and a 12 year veteran New Jersey licensed home inspector. “I formed the company because of two reasons: One - there is a great need for this service, especially with extreme weather conditions like severe thunder storms, Nor’easters, blizzards, tropical storms, and hurricanes here in New Jersey.  Ironically, while taking my forensic moisture class in California last August, Hurricane Irene was on its way, and a busy schedule ensued.  Usually, I would receive phone calls and emails after these weather events from building owners, management companies, and residents that they have leaks, even after repairs have been completed.  Secondly, as a New Jersey licensed home inspector, I often detect and document leaks for buyers and sellers. However, the scope of an inspection does not permit identifying concealed conditions, latent defects or consequential damage and even the causes of any conditions or deficiency.  More importantly, since I do not conduct repairs, my thorough and comprehensive building inspection and infrared reports are unbiased, so clients and companies will benefit, saving time and money.   

“Most contractors show up with a garden hose and “guesstimate” where to find the leak and that’s not building science. “If they’re not testing, they are guessing. “The training procedures I learned in MoistureFindIR™, provided by United Infrared, were intensive and the methodologies, quality control and reports are all standardized.   This means all customers receive a high-quality survey and graphic report at a fair price that is easy to understand and which can stand up to the rigors of litigation if needed.  “Armed with a FLIR T400 infrared thermal imaging camera, moisture meters, pressure chamber and spray rack, I will be able to hunt down the source of the leaks.” states Mr. Bennett.

“Excessive moisture destroys structural integrity of building, and creates huge, expensive problems like mold and mildew which can cause serious health concerns. After all, Moisture Management means Mold Prevention™. Often, these problems are not obvious until it’s too late so if they can be discovered early through infrared technology, the customer can save a lot of money and increase the building’s lifespan dramatically, and help reduce liability” he concludes.

To learn more about services, please visit ( or call (732-984-7276).


Peter W. Bennett, Owner
Residential & Commercial Building Inspections
Forensic Moisture Inspections and Leak Detection 
Infrared Thermal Imaging Services
530 Prospect Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739
Office 732-758-9887 Cell 732-245-9817
NJ Home Inspector Lic#GI371
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Certified Infrared Thermographer No.7406
Certified Energy Inspector No. 1364  
Certified ASHI Member #205748
Certified Member of INACHI
Authorized United Infrared Contractor  - On Roof and Aerial Roof Surveys of Moisture
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