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Updated: 11 years 1 week ago

How Much Certification Do You Need

Sat, 07/06/2013 - 14:09
Certification and levels thereof are one of the most frequently discussed issues in thermography. With few standards addressing certification, purchasers of infrared inspection services and thermographers often ask, “How much certification is necessary?”

Using Ultrasound and Infrared Technologies for Metal-Clad Switchgear Inspections

Sun, 06/30/2013 - 14:03
Ultrasound and infrared technologies are a perfect match when conducting inspections of switchgear over 1000 volts. At this voltage class and higher, thermal anomalies as well as corona and tracking conditions can occur, all of which threaten the reliability of the equipment being inspected.

Using Tmax Corrected Formula to Prioritize Electrical Exceptions

Sat, 06/29/2013 - 14:42
For decades, temperature measurement has been used to gauge the operating condition of electrical components. With this Tip, we explore an alternative to the traditional Delta T method of prioritizing exceptions during infrared inspections of electrical distribution systems.

Testo Announces Winner of $6,000 Contractor Giveaway

Sat, 06/29/2013 - 13:54
Sparta, NJ (June 28, 2013) – Mr. Ron Dech of Castle Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Easton, Pennsylvania, was recently named winner of Testo's $6,000 "Ultimate Contractor Collection Giveaway".

Affiliate Marketing – How to Turn Your Website into a Profit Center

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 13:15
As the worldwide web has matured, websites have become a business necessity filling a key role in the marketing, promotion, and sales of many companies. In addition to direct sales, websites can generate additional revenue through a concept known as affiliate marketing.