Residential, Commercial and Infrared Thermal Imaging Prices

The inspection fees are competitive with inspectors who have similar experience and qualifications.

Please have the MLS with you when you call for an accurate quote. There are several variables to consider with pricing:

1.  Number of bedrooms and bathrooms:  E.g. 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms vs 4 Bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
2.  Property type: condo/townhouse with a slab or basement, single/multifamily, extra kitchens, outbuildings, mixed use and commerical.

3.  Unique features and systems:  second kitchen, crawlspace under home, number of HVAC systems, water heaters and electrical panels.

Quoted price will be valid for 30 days based on the information provided.  Note: Fees are subject to change on site if there is descrepancy of the property profile. 

A Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report is included in all residential and commercial inspections.

Commercial Buildings - Call for an accurate quote - please have the MLS availalble and property details.
Additional servcies:
Detailed Home Energy Tune-Up Inspection:  Comprehensive and detailed analysis of your home and its applicances.

Infrared Thermal Imaging to Detect:  hidden moisture and leaks, overheated and dangerous electrical components, heating and cooling componets, leaking ductwork, plumbing components, insulation defects - missing, voids, settled, and building envelope assessments are available.


Please call so I can discuss your concerns for an accurate and firm quote, or Email Me.
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